Scope & Objective

Main Goals of the BCC are to:

a) Strengthen the biomedical and veterinary research infrastructure in UVAS and Pakistan;

b) Provide all aspects of biostatistical services to investigators and students; and

c) Foster interdisciplinary research collaborations among investigators and their peers at UVAS, JSU and other collaborating institutions in Pakistan and USA.

Specific Objectives of the BCC are to:

1. Establish a state of the art statistical computing laboratory at UVAS by acquiring new hardware and software;
2. Provide expertise to researchers at UVAS and collaborating institutions in planning, conducting, analyzing and reporting of experiments on animal production, disease surveillance and prevention, public health and other areas of veterinary and biomedical research;
3. Develop and maintain project websites and web-based biostatistics course and related information;
4. Conduct series of workshops, short courses and/or seminars, at UVAS, on various aspects of experimental designs and data analyses;
5. Train researchers and students, particularly women, in experimental design, data collection and management, and data analysis at UVAS and collaborating institutions by providing onsite training, distance education, short-term JSU-USA visits, and consulting services.







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